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This is James, the organiser of the trip. Having travelled extensively already around the world, James has the 'know how' to organise the expedition Around The World in 80 Ways.

One of the main objectives for James is to visit some of the more remote corners of the world, off the beaten track. Many such places can only be reached when time is not of the essence and where a flexible approach to a journey is part of the course.

A mini biography:

Born: Wimbledon, S.W. London, UK
School: Stowe, Buckinghamshire, UK
Degree: Estate Management, Oxford Polytechnic.
Additional qualifications: NLP Master Practitioner
Work: City of London, UK, in commercial real estate investment, for 3 years; Milan, Italy, in design, restaurant and fashion for 10 years; London, UK, in commercial real estate investment/development
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish and French
Sport: Gym, squash, skiing, hiking, Scuba diving
Interests: Travel, photography and psychology

This is Gareth. He's a musician who plays the cello. Much debate has been had about bringing the cello along on the trip; however as it is the size of a coffin and weighs about as much, he has decided to leave it at home.

Gareth has an easy going, inquisitive character, and makes the ideal travelling companion.

A Mini Biography


Born: Margate, Kent, UK
School: Sandwich Technology School, Kent
Work: Cellist
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Sport: Horse Riding, Gym
Interests: Music, travel, food, languages