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<BR><.BR> <B>APPROXIMATE DATES<./B><BR> <.BR> The dates listed below are a rough estimate of where we are likely to be at what time. However, these are not fixed and may well change depending upon circumstances, recommendations, love affairs and the like.<BR> <.BR> <B>2005 <./B><BR> <.BR> North America 07-09/05 <BR> Central America 10-12/05 <.BR> <BR> <.B>2006</B><.BR> <BR> South America 01-03/06 <.BR> Pacific Islands 04/06 <BR> N.Z. 05/06 <.BR> Australia 06/06 <BR> Far East etc 07-10/06 <.BR> Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan 11-12/06 <BR> <.BR> <B>2007<./B><BR> <.BR> Tibet, China, Mongolia 01-02/07 <BR> Korea, Japan 03-04/07 <.BR> Russia 05/07 <BR> Scandinavia 06/07 <.BR>

It now looks like we may be booking a stay in Brasil for 6 weeks around Febuary time.  This will be the carnival period, and we hope to have a house or flat so that friends can come a stay for as long as they wish

We are currently in Costa Rica, where we will be for Christmas.  Christmas Day will be in San Jose.  James flies home for his brotherçs wedding on the 26th December, and comes back 8th January.  Gareth is plannin to travel around Costa Rica in the meantime with two girlfriends.  Mid January we willl be leaving for Panama.